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Digital Communities is the most powerful local government program in the industry.

Government Technology and the Center for Digital Government’s unique program offers sponsors a wide range of opportunities to reach and meet directly with the city, county and municipal leaders in every part of the country.

There is no other program quite like this that allows for such a huge collaboration between the public and private sector. We work directly with local government leaders to exchange expertise and build solutions in a peer environment.

Digital Communities offers sponsors opportunities to collaborate with local government executives face to face, work in groups via social networking sites, participate in teleconferences, webinars and more.

 Doing this allowed me to be more of a partner of Digital Government and an extension of the organization. Strictly from a vendor perspective, doing this presentation allowed me to interact with the County Government Leadership at the C-level and in an environment that was relational versus sales focused... if given the opportunity I would do it again. Thanks to Digital Government for the opportunity, it is an excellent way to demonstrate the partnership!"
- Dan Gillison, Sprint

Program Elements

  • Big City/County CIO Leadership Group
  • Public/Private Sector Working Groups
  • Digital Cities/Counties Surveys & Awards
  • Digital Government Achievement/Best of the Web Awards
  • Webinars
  • Digital Communities Special Section in Government Technology
  • Two-Page Custom Case Study
  • Digitalcommunities.com and email newsletter

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Law Enforcement sponsorships available.

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Kelly Martinez
Program Manager