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Market Research

“Know before you go” is the secret to achieving off-the-charts success in the government market. Our deep experience and real-time market intelligence are specifically designed to ensure you have actionable insights.

Effectively position your product for the right buyers
Our research teams provide custom surveys, jurisdictional profiles, consulting services, and more to help you find and connect with the right buyers.

Pinpoint your most high-value opportunities
Navigator, our premier online sales intelligence tool, provides instant access to thousands of RFPs, pre-RFPs and developing opportunities, contracts, strategic plans, and key contacts in state and local government and education.

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Director of Market Intelligence

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Executive Director, Center for Digital Education

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Director, Governing Institute


“The analysts are extremely professional and follow-through on every deliverable.”


Custom Media & Events

A one-size-fits-all approach does not work for government customers. Government buyers expect you to understand their unique challenges and processes before they consider a new service or solution. Custom media and custom events can help you demonstrate your company’s knowledge of a specific government market or government issue in a targeted way, while e.Republic’s market experience ensures you'll develop events and media that drive engagement with government decision makers.

Custom Media
Develop engaging content and deliver it across a variety of print, web or social media platforms. We manage projects from development to writing, design, production and distribution. Choose from white papers, issue briefs, case studies, handbooks, and infographics. Here are a few recent examples:

Custom Events
Design an event that puts you face-to-face with government and education leaders in specific states or target regions. Customize an event series, half-day roundtable, reception, webinar, or virtual summit.

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“We were all very impressed in your ability to capture our input and effectively and concisely translate it into these two pieces. This is one of the easiest projects I have had to work on and given the quick turnaround we had to work with makes me even more impressed!”


Brand Building & Advertising

The success of your strategy depends on meeting the two fundamental truths of government marketing: Governments do business with companies they know and trust; and government buying decisions are made by groups — that is, there are multiple points of purchasing influence.

These major brands connect you to the hard-to-reach government and education leaders including governors, mayors, public-sector CIOs, CTOs, IT directors, police chiefs, fire captains, district superintendents, chancellors and deans.

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We are a true success story for e.Republic advertising. After placing a full page ad in Emergency Management, we received a 44% bump in website activity and a 68% bump in call in leads. We are so pleased with the results that we are looking into other advertising avenues and summits within e.Republic.”

MCM Technology


In a high-tech world personal contact matters more than ever. That’s why e.Republic engages tens of thousands of public sector leaders at more than 150 live events around the country each year. This is where you want to be to meet and hear from your customers and ensure you’re at the center of the conversations defining the solutions for public sector innovation.


“Thank you for hosting an outstanding conference summit. This is the most decision-maker, business-rich conference I have attended in quite a long time.”


Lead Development & Management

Tracking and scoring leads, mapping them against the right opportunities and developing campaigns that convert prospect interest into sales are essential steps to a high ROI marketing campaign.

e.Republic’s market analytics platform and lead targeting programs will take your company beyond simple “lead gen” to real results-based marketing. Secure leads in multiple ways (live events, custom media, social media, webinars and more) across audience, job title, job level, or geography. Our network ensures engagement with your content and high-quality leads that will convert to sales.


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