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e.Republic is the nation’s only smart media and research company focused exclusively on public-sector innovation for state and local government and education.

We are a catalyst for better government. Our people are dedicated to creating the big ideas that move this mission forward. View employee profiles.

"Our culture fosters real ownership of projects and we take pride in our accomplishments. Creativity and initiative are welcomed and hard-working people get promoted quickly. "

Meg Keller, Sr. Marketing Director

If you see yourself as a leader, looking to take on more responsibility and grow in a dynamic work environment, then join us at e.Republic. We offer our employees career paths and training designed to help them develop as leaders! There are lots of opportunities to travel. It is a dynamic, hard-working and fun work environment. We are looking for the kind of people who take ownership of their work and run with the possibilities. We have opportunities in editorial, design, research and sales as well as IT, finance, marketing, event planning and registration. If you are enthusiastic about being part of a fast-paced company, that’s redefining media, and if you are eager to excel, we can find a place for you.


"I work every day with a group of award-winning writers and editors. It’s a challenging environment—this is a great place for creative, self-motivated people."


"I set out to get a job in research and I had an interest in government. My job is the perfect match for those two things. Our research projects can have profound impact. We run national benchmark award programs and initiatives to help agencies deploy new technologies that help citizens."


"Our designers have won numerous national awards, which is incredibly gratifying. We design magazines, websites and events that help thousands of education and government officials succeed."


"We have a seamless process for managing the financial operations of a growing company. You’ll love our reliable and dependable accounting team."



"We engage people with new products through branding, blogging, events and creative campaigns. Corporate marketing is a great place to learn and grow in new media."


"As a team, we have the opportunity to meet with leaders and fascinating people across the nation. Governors, mayors, legislators, cabinet secretaries, city managers and education leadership everywhere know and respect our work."


"We’ve got an exceptionally talented group of developers. The wide variety of projects and systems we get to develop have taught me valuable industry tools such as Salesforce, Eloqua, Clickability and WordPress."


"Our events team is top notch in the industry, producing more than 150 events nationwide per year. The events vary from small intimate roundtable discussions with government leaders to annual awards events with governors, legislators, k-12 and higher education leaders and technology executives."


"Working at e.Republic has been an amazing experience both professionally and personally for the last 18 years. We have a CEO who is passionate for innovation that will ultimately make the world a better place and where every employee has the opportunity to have their idea heard."

Andrea Kleinbardt, Sr. Director, Sales Operations
Inside the e.Republic headquarters building in Folsom, CA

Established in 1984, e.Republic is the nation’s only media and research company focused exclusively on state and local government and education. Led by Dennis McKenna, media entrepreneur and co-founder, our award-winning publications, websites, more than 150 annual events and highly respected research operations are acknowledged as setting the gold standard in their respective fields. Our work has also been cited in numerous publications, including The New York Times, Forbes, Time Magazine, The Washington Post and USA Today.

In 1985, McKenna launched California County magazine in partnership with the California State Association of Counties. In 1987, as one of the first to recognize the impact new digital technologies would have on the public sector, Dennis launched Government Technology, the first national magazine covering information technology in state and local government. Other successful media platforms followed, including the Center for Digital Education, Public CIO and Emergency Management. All have won numerous editorial and design awards—On July 26, 2013, Emergency Management Magazine was named Magazine of the Year for overall excellence by ASBPE (American Society of Business Publication Editors), Public CIO was named "Magazine of the Year" in 2006 and Government Technology and Emergency Management were named as best publications in their respective categories at the 2011 and 2012 Western Publishing Association’s Maggie awards.

Seeing the need for stronger analysis and research to support public sector innovation, Dennis developed the Center for Digital Government—the first-of-its-kind research and business intelligence advisory institute focused exclusively on state and local government. The Center is home to the widely cited Digital States Survey.

In 2009, e.Republic acquired Governing from Congressional Quarterly. Governing covers politics, policy and management for state and local government leaders. Recognized as the most credible and authoritative voice in its field, Governing provides non-partisan news, insight and analysis on budget and finance; transportation and infrastructure; workforce and economic development; health and human services and more. Since the acquisition, the publication has grown, with an expanded online presence and with the launch of the Governing Institute, headed by former Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser. Governing also greatly expanded its national events portfolio. In 2011 Governing received the prestigious Jesse H. Neal Award from American Business Media for exceptional editorial content.

e.Republic is a unique company with more than 25 years of experience serving our clients and government audience. We continue to grow through economic and market challenges and have had steady increases in revenue.

We are redefining the role of media in this digital age.

Our vision is to double our business in the next five years by doing what we’ve done all along—help state and local governments improve the way they work.

From your first day on the job at e.Republic, you’ll benefit from training that helps you get up to speed quickly. You’ll also have access to continuing education that helps you build your skills and gain exposure to other areas of our business over time.

e.Republic employees know they are part of a growing company on the cutting edge of technology solutions for government. We’ll help you set a career path that prepares you to thrive in the company.

Because of our commitment to growth and expansion, we know the focus has to be on individual growth for each of our employees, which builds a stable employee group and a high retention rate. We also know that the strength of our company is attributable to the success and efficiency of each employee. When employees are trained well from the start and have the tools that they need, they can be effective and productive, which in turn create a happy environment where we can all succeed and continue to grow.

When we ask employees why they like working here, the single most frequent response we get is "the people."

At e.Republic, the people are the culture. We’re excited about influencing change. We value innovation. The people here are upbeat and hard-working. Walk into any of our offices and you'll feel the energy. Everyone on our team has daily, weekly or monthly deadlines that foster productivity and creates an environment of accomplishment. There isn’t anyone here who isn’t always working to be better at what they do.

The second most frequent answer we get when we ask why people like working at e.Republic is "our mission." We’re all here because we want to help governments solve problems and improve the lives of citizens. We all want our jobs to matter, and at e.Republic, we are proud to be able to "do well by doing good," earning the respect of our readers and our clients.

We're redefining new media

This is a time of disruption in the media industry, with new technologies and shifting market forces upending companies large and small. At e.Republic, we think it’s a great time to be in this field. We’re excited about change and view it as an opportunity to redefine what a media company is in the 21st century.

Working at e.Republic means you’re part of a team that’s committed to great journalism and highly relevant content plus actively engaged with new social, mobile, data, and analytic technologies. We are finding better ways to tell stories, serve and engage our audience. We’re looking for innovators, for doers, dreamers and drivers interested in joining us in building something new.

Our mission to help public sector leaders be smarter and better informed has never been more relevant.

Our magazines win national awards. Emergency Management magazine was named Magazine of the Year for overall excellence by ASBPE (American Society of Business Publication Editors) on July 26, 2013. We’ve won more than 100 design and dozens of editorial awards. Government Technology and Emergency Management were named "best publication" for their respective categories in the 2011 and 2012 Western Publishing Association’s Maggie awards. Public CIO was named "Magazine of the Year" in 2009 by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) and Governing magazine awards include four National Magazine Award nominations, the Folio Editorial Excellence Award, the Jesse H. Neal Award, and multiple ASBPE gold awards for national and regional coverage.

"We create unique and interesting programs that help our clients and the industry. What we do actually does make a difference!"

Lara Roebbelen McCole, Strategic Account Director, Sales