Director of California Programs & Events - (Folsom, CA)

e.Republic is a media and research company focused exclusively on state and local government and education, with our corporate headquarters based in Folsom, CA. Our award-winning publications, websites, more than 150 annual events and highly respected research operations are acknowledged as setting the gold standard in their respective fields. Our work has been cited in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Time, The Washington Post and USA Today.

Through its diverse and dynamic programs and services, e.Republic provides public and private sector leaders with decision support, knowledge, and opportunities to help them effectively incorporate new technologies in the 21st century through:

  • Publications such as Governing magazine and Government Technology;
  • Our national awards and best practices programs such as the Digital States survey and Best of the Web, which rank government services; and
  • Hosted events around the nation that draw together state and local government leadership to identify and problems solve around issues, trends, and best practices.

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The focus of the Director of California Programs & Events is to identify, develop and manage productive relationships with key California government leaders to create loyalty to our group and build support of our endeavours, and oversee and/or support operations and overall success of California programs, relationships and events.

The specific role of event director has primary responsibility for being the government liaison for the Government Technology and Techwire events in California. The duties encompass complete planning for all assigned events, meeting with leaders in each jurisdiction, running the event planning meetings, developing the event agenda, working with sales and registration on event participation efforts, hosting and emceeing events as required, and any other duties necessary to ensure that events are a success. 



  • Identify, develop and manage productive relationships with key California government leaders to create loyalty to our IT publications (both digital and print) and Centers and get them to participate in our programs and events.
  • Be alert for potential news stories that can be passed on to our editors and Techwire.
  • Stay abreast of California state and local government news and issues and be a resource for both our company and the government leaders. Attend important press conferences and functions sponsored by the Technology Office(s), Governor’s office, Mayor’s offices of the large cities and county executives, and high-profile agencies.
  • Create relationships with the leadership of state and local government associations related to e.Republic’s goals and objectives.
  • Assist with Techwire strategy, planning and operations as appropriate.
  • Serve as the director for Techwire events.
  • Help to build a regional strategy that includes both the vendor and government communities. Meet with the key companies in California, as appropriate, to sponsor and support our programs and events. Coordinate closely with the President and the VPs of Sales on strategies.
  • Provide weekly reports on actions undertaken, meetings held, conversations held, relationships formed, problems, concerns, wins, etc.


  • Create Advisory Board for each event.
  • Plan Advisory Board meetings.
  • Run Advisory Board meetings to develop program content.
  • Be the official Master of Ceremony at the event.
  • Maintain excellent relationships with all IT leadership in each jurisdiction taking part in the event.
  • Set up meetings as needed to strengthen relationships and develop the overall program for each event.
  • Write the official draft and final agenda for each event.
  • Work with operations team to place all speakers (primarily focus is on government speakers) on the agenda for the event
  • Work with the key CIO (usually the CIO for the State) to secure promotional quotes and vendor leads for the sponsorship sales team.
  • Sell Training Programs where applicable.
  • Ensure that all events have all needed government support to ensure their success.


  • Excellent communications skills both verbal and written.
  • Ability to set and make deadlines.
  • Ability to run a meeting and maintain control of the meeting participants to ensure a desirable result.
  • Ability to speak in public to large and small groups.
  • Ability to find appropriate high-level government executives to meet with and to be able to secure the meeting.
  • An understanding of information technology and its use in the public sector.
  • A broad understanding of government organizations.
  • Willingness to travel throughout the year.
  • Ability to work with teammates to get the job done.