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Building relationships with state and local leaders is central to a successful marketing and sales initiative. That’s why we produce over 150 annual and custom events in state capitals and top metropolitan centers throughout the United States. From New York to California, Florida to Michigan and Texas to Illinois we connect you with the public executives and policy makers you need to reach.

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Covering politics, policy and management for state and local government leaders.

Government Technology

Solving problems in states and localities through the smart use of technology.

Center for Digital Education

Strategy and leadership to advance education through smart use of technology.


Timely, actionable intelligence on the California IT Market.

State of Technology - California Industry Forum

Industry Briefings

(Governing) gets the right people in the room; they facilitate a top-notch engagement and they commit to meaningful follow up.

Annie E. Casey Foundation

Custom Events and Webinars

Building Relationships In Personalized Settings

Our custom event production team can work with you to build and execute a tailored event to meet your specific communication objectives. Whether this is a specific region of the country or a focused audience like finance officials, school superintendents or public-sector technology executives, e.Republic’s brands are unmatched in convening state and local leaders.

Powerful Benefits

Events produced and co-hosted by brands the public-sector trusts

Build relationships in jurisdictions where you need to go deeper

Speaking opportunities for your senior executives

Access to influential publicsector database for audience acquisition

Our full-service event team takes heavy lifting off you — from concept to execution and follow-up

Custom Event Formats

Regional Custom Events

This is an ideal format for your company to share solutions expertise and best practices.

Regional Custom Roundtables

This format encourages an intimate discussion with your target audience. You will have a seat at the table as trusted peers, and benefit from first-hand insight into the specific priorities and challenges of the region.

Custom Webinars

Online webinars take the conversation nationally in an interactive format. Not only will your brand benefit from a direct connection with public sector professionals, but you will also build a fresh content asset via the archived recording.

... the Governing round table was the linchpin of launching AARP NY. ... In many ways it was our coming out party, building on the past 18 months of intentional and intensified work. … The audience was absolutely exactly what we were hoping for. … The panelists kept the audience engaged throughout and the next steps are clearly laid out ...

AARP New York

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