Market smarter and win business faster

by tapping e.Republic’s public sector expertise and creative capabilities.

Market Research

Identify Buyers and Opportunities Upfront.

“Know before you go” is the secret to off-the-charts success in government sales. Our deep market research services will help you pinpoint qualified deals and buyers quickly.

Real-time Market Intel

Put the most powerful sales intelligence tool in Gov and Ed Tech on your team. Navigator provides daily access to thousands of developing IT opportunities and key contacts.

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GovTech Navigator EdTech Navigator
Tailored Market Insights

Our research team can assist with a range of services, from custom surveys of government buyers, to jurisdictional purchasing profiles or detailed go-to-market plans.

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Custom Research
We love enhancing our presence in this market with a media partner who has such a deep, broad reach and understanding of the government customer.

Group Vice President, Public Sector Channel Sales

Custom Content

You Can’t Bore People Into Buying Your Product.

What if your future customers truly engaged with your marketing, wanted to read it and share it with colleagues? What if in place of a product pitch, your government prospects actively seek out your marketing materials because they are truly useful in helping them solve problems they are facing?

That’s what e.Republic’s Content Studio can do for you.

Great Content Marketing = Powerful Sales Results

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Governing has a deep understanding of U.S. cities and their broader communities, with documented access to leaders and public administrators throughout the country.

Living Cities

Brand Building & Advertising

Your Market Success Depends on Achieving Two Fundamental Laws of Government Marketing:

Governments do business with companies they know and trust.

Buying decisions are made by groups — there are multiple points of influence you need to reach.

Partnering with our respected brands gets your message in front of hard-to-reach government leaders. If your audience is governors, mayors, agency directors, CIOs, school superintendents, chancellors or other public sector influencers, no other media firm matches the reach and credibility of e.Republic.

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Personal Contact Counts.

In a digital world personal contact and relationships matter more than ever. That’s why e.Republic engages tens of thousands of public sector leaders at more than 150 live events throughout the country each year. At our events you meet face-to-face with top government leaders and become part of the conversations shaping solutions for public sector innovation.

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Lead Generation & Conversion

Turning Prospects Into Buyers.

e.Republic’s lead development programs can take your company beyond simple “lead gen” to sales conversion. Our offerings will help you develop qualified leads through multiple channels (live events, custom media, social media, webinars and more) across audience, job title, job level or geography and convert them to buyers.

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