Government Technology is the premier information platform on the smart use of technology in state and local government. Launched at the birth of the govtech era, Government Technology’s audience is comprised of hundreds of thousands of public officials across states, cities, counties and special districts who manage and deploy technology to carry out the business of government.

Government Technology’s broad information platform includes a robust website, national and regional events, an award-winning print magazine, market intelligence/research, custom content and special programs.

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Government Technology ... keeps us on top of the latest trends and real-world solutions in government IT, with content that's as engaging as it is informative.

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Government Technology’s Audience Network receives more than 5 million annual unique visitors, has over 40,000 social media followers and 100,000 newsletter subscribers. More than 12,000 public officials attend our annual live events held throughout the United States. The award-winning Government Technology magazine began publication in 1987 and has a subscriber base of over 75,000.

Government Technology’s audience includes CIOs, CTOs, CISOs and each of the essential roles in public sector technology planning and deployment. Our audience is also composed of executives in government’s key functional areas including finance, procurement, public safety, transportation, human services and more. Finally, Government Technology’s audience includes essential market influencers: state legislators, elected city and county officials, executives from leading technology integrators, hardware and software companies and the growing number of venture capital and private equity firms investing in the state and local government tech market.

Government Technology’s Audience: Loyal, Engaged and Influential

88% of decision-makers say Government Technology is a highly trustworthy source.

88% say Government Technology helps them keep up with state and local government IT trends.

80% say Government Technology is an excellent source for ideas and inspiration about their work.

77% of decision-makers say Government Technology helps them be more effective in their job.

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My morning begins with a cup of coffee and a quick read of online Government Technology articles. I prefer this trade publication to others because the focus is on how to better serve the citizens through innovation and creativity, rather than focusing on specific technology. It’s like sitting down with a room full of peers and talking about what keeps us up at night and how we go about solving it.

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Government Technology Live Events

Government Technology’s renowned Digital Government Summits build regional and national communities of public- and private-sector leaders around best practices, innovation and technology trends. In 2021, Government Technology will continue to deliver its market-leading Digital Government Summits virtually. These events will reach thousands of state and local leaders in 41 regions, delivering content tailored to the unique challenges confronting each jurisdiction.

Center for Digital Government

Led by Teri Takai, former CIO for the U.S. Department of Defense and the states of California and Michigan, and Phil Bertolini, former deputy county executive and CIO for Oakland County, Michigan, the Center for Digital Government is a national research and advisory institute on information technology policy and best practices in state and local government. As the research and advisory arm of Government Technology, the Center’s programs and services provide government and industry with market research, decision support, practical insights and networking opportunities around effectively incorporating emerging technologies into public-sector operations.

To further its work with both public and private sector partners, the Center maintains a deep professional staff of analysts and researchers with decades of experience in government IT as well as roster of Senior Fellows, which is primarily comprised of former public-sector executives who are leaders in their fields of expertise.

Center Special Programs

Digital States Performance Institute (DSPI) — The Digital States Performance Institute is not a place, but a community of interest around benchmarking and improving technology deployment in state government. The DSPI program is built on the biennial Digital States Survey, which grades the 50 states in their use of digital technology. A year-round program, DSPI is designed to evaluate and share best practices and case studies across state government. Working with governors to CIOs, DSPI has raised the profile and practice of information technology across the states. The DSPI program is made possible with underwriting from leading technology companies.

Digital Communities — The Digital Communities program is a network of leading CIOs and technology professionals from the nation’s largest to mid-sized cities and counties. Digital Communities was launched at the request of city and county leaders from around the country who wanted a collaborative network to share best practices and keep abreast of emerging technology trends. This network also brings the public and private sector together to solve problems. The program encompasses the Digital Cities and Digital Counties benchmark surveys, the Government Experience Awards, advisory support, national summits, original research, reports and more.

National GovTech Benchmark Surveys — As noted in the two programs above, the Digital States Survey, Digital Cities Survey and Digital Counties Survey are three of the most powerful national assessments and benchmarking tools for state, city and county government leaders. These surveys grade how our nation's jurisdictions are applying technologies to better serve their constituents.

GovTech Navigator

GovTech Navigator is the only sales intelligence tool exclusively focused on the $100+ billion state and local government IT markets. Used by hundreds of leading tech companies, Navigator is unmatched in depth and coverage of technology spending, RFPs, developing opportunities, jurisdictional profiles, buyer contacts and much more.

Special Focus Areas

Government Technology includes in-depth focus on key areas:

Emergency ManagementEmergency Management focuses on issues of strategy and leadership for public sector leaders responsible for the nation’s prevention, protection, response and recovery operations. delivers public safety, homeland security and emergency management news and insights for over 750,000 unique visitors annually and 35,000+ via our bi-weekly newsletter.

FutureStructure — From autonomous vehicles to smart building to the Internet of Things (IoT), technology is changing how we build and engineer cities for tomorrow. FutureStructure sits at the intersection of technology and infrastructure, helping public-sector leaders keep ahead of the changing policy, finance, planning, design and technology issues shaping the future of our communities.

The Center for Digital EducationThe Center for Digital Education is a national research and advisory institute specializing in K-12 and higher education technology trends, policy and funding. The Center provides education and industry leaders with decision support and actionable insight to help effectively incorporate new technologies in the 21st century.

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