Bill Vajda (WY); Robert Osmond (VA); Liana Bailey-Crimmins (CA); Greg Hoffman -interim (ND); Patti Chapman -acting (PA); Shawn Nailor -interim (VT); Brian Tardiff -interim (RI)
    Ralph Johnson (WA); Ray Yepes (CO); Mike Davis -interim (GA); CISO -vacant (OK); Christopher Dressler -acting (PA); CISO -vacant (ID); Dmitry Kagansky (GA)

Why It Matters: State CIOs are vital stakeholders in IT decisions, but the appointed position has a high turnover rate…especially after a new governor is elected. With such frequent turnover, it’s important to:

  • Follow election cycles closely
  • Ensure that your marketing and relationship-building efforts are focused on the multiple points of influence in the buying process — not just the CIO
  • Think about how you can build bridges with line-of-business leaders influencing tech decisions in their areas
  • Consider the other C-suite positions involved in IT decisions (CTO, CISO, CDO, CInO, CBO, CFO) and their staff

Go Deeper: State and Local Tech Chiefs On The Move

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