Brian Cohen, Vice President of the Center for Digital Education, led a panel discussion with three higher education CIOs. Their shared experiences shed light on daily challenges and the vast opportunities present in this sector.

The conversation included:

    • Steven Ferguson – Chief Information Officer, Technical College System of Georgia
    • Robert Montgomery – Vice Chancellor for Information Technologies/CIO, Oakland Community College, Michigan
    • Standish Stewart – Vice President and CIO, Cuyahoga Community College District, Ohio

Major IT Challenges in Higher Education

      • Constant Pressures: Both internal and external pressures are constant, with evolving needs and priorities to address.
      • Rapid Technological Change: Introducing new technologies to improve the student experience can result in change fatigue among faculty, staff and students. Navigating and mastering these new tools requires time and adaptation.
      • Legacy Processes: Changing long-standing processes that veteran employees are accustomed to can be a major hurdle. This involves balancing the need for innovation with respect for established workflows.
      • Talent Retention and Recruitment: With many long-term employees nearing retirement, there’s an increasing challenge in hiring and retaining mission-driven individuals who can contribute to the institution’s goals.


What’s Next?

All three CIOs on the panel said learning from other IT leaders is invaluable. Connecting with other leaders at in-person conferences enables a platform for them to share insights, challenges and solutions with their peers.

In response to these and many other challenges, the Center for Digital Education has launched a series of Higher Education IT Leadership Summits in four states (Ohio, Georgia, Michigan and Texas) to give CIOs a space to foster collaboration.

For industry partners, sponsoring these Summits gives your company an impactful way to build relationships and share your point of view with higher education leaders.

We invite you to play a crucial and collaborative role in the future of higher education institutions. Let us know if you’re interested in sponsoring these essential events!