e.Republic, the nation’s largest data, media, and events company for state and local government and education, today announced the launch of the Center for Public Sector AI. This new initiative is poised to assist public sector agencies in embracing the AI era, building upon the legacy of the Center for Digital Government which catalyzed the e-government era.

The Center for Public Sector AI is set to become the primary resource for public agencies eager to explore the potential of AI technology. It will offer strategic guidance on AI policy, procurement, and practical application, ensuring that the public sector is fully prepared to adopt and implement AI in a responsible and effective manner.

“When we transitioned into the e-government era, we established the Center for Digital Government to guide that transformation. Today, we are addressing the next technological revolution with the Center for Public Sector AI,” said Cathilea Robinett, CEO of e.Republic. “Artificial intelligence holds the potential to radically transform the delivery and management of public services. Our new Center is dedicated to leading government and education through this transformative period.”

e.Republic has been instrumental in curating and maintaining a comprehensive repository of AI policies and guidelines, providing an indispensable tool for public agencies to keep pace with the rapidly changing AI landscape. This repository is a testament to e.Republic’s commitment to ensuring that the latest AI advancements and regulatory standards are readily accessible.

For more information on the Center for Public Sector AI and e.Republic’s other initiatives, please contact us.