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e.Republic, the nation’s leading data, media, and events company focused on state and local government and education, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with True Elements, a pioneer in water intelligence technology, through its Governing media platform. Governing is the trusted source of record for elected, appointed, and other public leaders looking to manage the present and anticipate the future of state and local government. The collaboration marks a significant expansion of Governing’s coverage into the critical areas of environment, climate, and sustainability issues.

As part of the partnership, True Elements launched a new Drinking Water Quality Dashboard, designed to help educate state and local policymakers on the complexities of understanding water resources and why those resources are critical to a sustainable future for communities across the country. True Elements’ cutting-edge technology and AI capabilities enable the translation of water’s intricate, multi-dimensional interrelationships into easy-to-understand visualizations and scores for reliable analysis, forecasting, and fully informed decision-making.

The Drinking Water Quality Dashboard provides state and local government leaders with an essential resource to better understand water-related challenges and water quality so they can make more informed decisions about allocation of resources and implementation of sustainable water practices. This partnership aims to empower policymakers and promote cross-sector collaboration to ensure the protection and responsible management of our vital water resources.

“True Elements’ innovative approach to water intelligence is a perfect complement to Governing’s mission of providing state and local government leaders with the information and tools they need to make informed decisions,” said Cathilea Robinett, President of e.Republic. “We are thrilled to partner with True Elements as a key partner accelerating our coverage of environmental, climate, and sustainability issues and help policymakers better understand and address challenges related to environment and sustainability.”

“Our partnership with e.Republic and Governing signify a major step forward in promoting a deeper understanding of water’s complexities and the need for sustainable solutions in the public sector,” said Kim Nelson, COO of True Elements.

“We are eager to work with Governing to provide policymakers with actionable insights that can help create a better future for our communities and the environment,” Nelson said.

The Drinking Water Quality Dashboard is now available on For more information, visit and

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e.Republic is the nation’s leading data, media and events company focused on state and local government and education, engaging leaders through print, digital, and event platforms. Governing, a division of e.Republic, is the leading source of intelligence on management and policy issues in the public sector.

About True Elements:
True Elements provides deep, clear water intelligence that clarifies water and watershed complexity to help leaders make accurate, effective decisions to address their water challenges. True Elements applies a sophisticated, patent-pending scientific and AI lens to multiple layers of disparate watershed data to produce deeper, clearer, more holistic insights into watershed dynamics. We turn those insights into clear visualizations and scores for more reliable analysis, forecasting and sound decision-making. To learn more about True Elements, visit or follow us on LinkedIn:


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